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I am passionate about working with people and also health and wellness.

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While engaging in my own work via fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness I began to wonder what happens to the functioning of children and family units when a caregiver's health and wellness are not intact. I came to realize that there can be significant consequences which ultimately affect our physical and mental wellbeing, relationships, family functioning and our overall quality of life. From here my interest in wellness coaching took flight. I eventually selected the Integrative Health and Wellness Coach training program at Duke Integrative Medicine. After completing this program and passing the national board exam, I began my coaching career prepared with the best tools to be in service to others as they establish their optimal state of health. Simply stated, I believe that change is possible and that wellness starts within. Together, we will develop the tools, make lasting changes, and build sustainable habits that will allow you to achieve the state of health you desire.

My style of coaching is whole person centered. It acknowledges that our existence is multifaceted and when one of those facets is not nurtured, it can throw us off our axis. More importantly, coaching reminds us that you are not alone. Whether it is fitness, nutrition, the connection our relationships provide, or stress management, health coaching can assist you in reestablishing your sense of equilibrium and achieving your best state of health. I would be honored to share more information and I look forward to beginning our work together.
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