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I bring the following values and
beliefs into the work I do:

- I value integrity in both my personal and professional life. I strive to make the right decisions for the right reasons through a lens of trust, honesty, and WITHOUT judgment.
- I value self-reflection and life-long learning which encourages me to be thoughtful and intentional in all aspects of my professional work.
- I value teamwork. Together we will make progress toward your goals and I look forward to being part of your team.
- I believe that you are the expert on your own life. I honor and respect that fact and use your expertise to facilitate your own growth towards your best state of health and wellness.
- I believe that people do well if they can and when they struggle, there is something getting in the way of their success. That is where my work comes in!
- I believe in being culturally responsive and inclusive in my practice so that I can be an ally and support all who desire my service.
Katrina Kass Denver health coach

What sets
our coaching apart

I am a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. This certification requires ongoing professional development, training in HIPAA practices and a support network of professionals. My background in behavioral and mental health as a school psychologist has provided me the foundation to be the best coach I can be while my desire to learn and grow as a professional secures my ability to be informed and effective in my practice. I have trained in trauma informed practices, mindfulness, collaborative problem solving, resilience and vulnerability; all which enhance my skills. These skills have contributed not only to my effectiveness but my responsiveness to the needs of my clients. I will support you in changing behaviors and mindsets that no longer serve you so that you can thrive in all areas of wellness, including fitness, nutrition, weight, mind/body, stress, and management of life issues that impact well-being.
My style of coaching is whole person centered. It acknowledges that our existence is multifaceted and when one of those facets is not nurtured, it can throw us off our axis. More importantly, coaching reminds us that you are not alone. Whether it is fitness, nutrition, the connection our relationships provide, or stress management, health coaching can assist you in reestablishing your sense of equilibrium and achieving your best state of health. I would be honored to share more information and I look forward to beginning our work together.

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